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What’s the Catch?

There is No Catch. It’s RISK Free with No Obligation!

We search all licensed agents in any given market and provide you with the top producers with respect to your specific requests. The agents we choose DO NOT pay to be one of our referred agents and we don’t have a list of agents to call upon. Instead, each agent evaluation is performed specifically for you.

We realize how important this decision is and we encourage all of our clients to meet with the agents we provide in order to get a better feel for the type of agent you want representing you.

If after meeting with our referred agents, you choose to work with one of them, they pay us an industry standard referral fee only AFTER the successful sale or purchase of your property.

OptHome helps buyers and sellers select the real estate agent that best suits their needs.


Does OptHome lock me into using any specific real estate agent?

Absolutely not. You may use our proprietary system to find the best agents in your town who are best matched to your particular needs but you may use any real estate agent of your choice with no obligation to OptHome.

Does this program affect the real estate commission I will pay an agent, if I decide to use your agent?

No. You pay the real estate commission that is agreed upon between you and by your agent of choice. OptHome does not interfere with any arrangements you have with either a listing agent or buyer broker.

How can I get more information?

Call 1-508-499-9678 or email info@OptHome.com and we'll be happy to assist you.

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