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Why you need MyHomeAlly

OptHome is an unbiased professional resource for buyers and sellers.

We give you the competitive edge in the real estate market. We do the research and find you the best agent and the best fit for you.

OptHome can help sellers OR buyers choose the very best agent for them. Why is choosing the right agent so important? It could help you:

  • sell your home faster
  • make more money and get closer to asking price
  • learn who your competition is and how to make your home show better

The case studies below highlight the importance of choosing the right agent to in today’s market. Your home is likely to be your biggest asset. Isn't it worth taking a few moments to make sure you choose the best possible agent to market and sell your home or to assist you in the purchase of your new home.

You want to sell your condo and are thinking of using a family friend as your real estate agent.
Selling a condo is much different than selling a house. Does the agent know which documents to have prepared, such as the Master Deed, rules and regulations, assessment history, and condominium budget? Does she know the differences between the other units for sale in the complex? Are there different layouts, updates, or noise issues? Is she knowledgeable about the unit's proximity to amenities in the complex? Is she aware of the other units for sale in the area so your unit is positioned competitively in the market? OptHome will match you with the "best agent for your property and location".

You wish to buy a single family home in the subdivision where you were raised.
You are considering hiring the agent who has been sending you mailings for the last 5 years, or maybe the agent your friend used. But does that agent know the neighborhood. Does he/she have information on local demographics, school system, the general feel of the neighborhood and town? OptHome can tell you which agent has been most successful in that neighborhood, and why. It's in our best interest to make sure you get the right agent…after all, we don't benefit unless you do!


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